Eros Ramazzotti is unquestionably one of the most successful artists, with songs that have marked the history of Italian music and have been heard around the world: 70 million records sold, 2 billion streams and almost 2 billion views on YouTube.

After 14 studio albums, completely sold out European and world tours, innumerable awards, certifications and acknowledgements, he is now celebrating 35 years of his career with the WORLD TOUR PREMIÈRE – ten exclusive previews for a new chapter in his artistic and musical career, in five of the most prestigious arenas in the world, starting on 15 September 2022 at La Maestranza in Seville, then in Agrigento, Verona, Athens and Caesarea. In November 2021, he was the first Italian artist to sign a global deal for his artistic activity around the world: an agreement between Radiorama – the legacy company that produces all of Ramazzotti’s artistic work – and Vertigo, an Italian company that is part of the Eventim Live International group, a German entertainment giant. For the first time, an Italian artist has partnered with a single entity, a leader in the field of live production, on all aspects of his career. The latest album of new songs by Eros, “Vita ce n’è”, dates back to 2018, which was followed by a colossal tour of over 90 shows in 32 countries around the world, the “Vita Ce N’è World Tour”, which started at the Olympiahalle in Munich with a double sold out performance. The album marks the beginning of the project of remastering and reissuing on vinyl and in digital format the records that have marked his artistic journey, a musical voyage through many different stages to rediscover a timeless catalog: “Dove C’è Musica”, “Nuovi Eroi”, “Tutte Storie”, “ER9S”, “Stilelibero”, “In Ogni Senso”, “In Certi Momenti”.


His great success began when the young artist from Rome reached the finals of the Voci Nuove di Castrocaro competition with “Rock 80”, the song which got him his first record contract with the DDD label.
In 1982 he released his first single, “Ad un amico”, and in 1984 he triumphed among the “young up-and-comers” at the Sanremo Festival with “Terra promessa”, which was released all across Europe, marking the beginning of his career as an international artist: from this point on, all his records would also come out in a Spanish language version. In 1985, Eros returned to the Sanremo Festival with “Una storia importante”, off his debut album “Cuori agitati”, a single that conquered Europe once more. In 1986, he released his second album “Nuovi eroi” and won the Sanremo Festival with “Adesso tu”.
His third album, “In certi momenti”, saw more than 3 million copies sold worldwide, and with it, Eros inaugurated the first of what would be a long series of tours for more than a million attendees. This was followed by the release of his fourth album: “Musica è”.


The official consecration of Eros Ramazzotti as an international artist arrived in April 1990, with the release of his fifth album, “In ogni senso”, in 15 countries. In the same year, he was the first Italian artist to perform on the prestigious stage of the Radio City Music Hall in New York with an impressive sold out debut, followed by another long tour, which ended in 1991 with the release of the double live album “Eros In Concert”, launched in Barcelona with a concert in front of 20,000 people and broadcast worldwide. The years between 1993 and 1996 were full of successes for the artist: the album “Tutte storie” (1993) sold 6 million copies and climbed to the top of the charts all over Europe, he won the hearts of 15 Latin American countries in his live tours, he signed a worldwide contract with BMG International and released his first self-produced CD, “Dove c’è musica” (1996), recorded between Italy and California with the collaboration of internationally renowned musicians, which would sell over 7 million copies.
Then came his greatest hits album “Eros”, with his most famous tracks, new compositions and exceptional duets with Andrea Bocelli and Tina Turner.
In February 1998, he embarked on a highly successful world tour that took him to South America, the United States and Europe, took part in “Pavarotti and Friends” (directed by Spike Lee) and released the live album “Eros Live”. He also received numerous awards, such as the Echo Award (the Oscar of the German music scene) for “Best International Musical Artist”.
With Radiorama, he also became established as a record producer on the album “Come fa bene l’amore” by Gianni Morandi, and released “Stilelibero”, his eighth album of new songs that included his duet with Cher, “Più che puoi”. This was followed by an international tour that also reached the countries of the East.
The year 2003 marked the release of Eros’ ninth album, “9”, which held on to number 1 in the sales charts for 14 weeks and spent 95 weeks in the Top 100. After winning Festivalbar, he embarked on a world tour: 100 dates with over 1 million attendees. Afterwards, he released the DVD “Eros Roma Live”, with his full concert at the Olympic Stadium in Rome and a large set of extra content.


Two more successful albums followed: “Calma apparente”, containing his famous duet with Anastacia, “I Belong To You”, followed by a European tour, and “e²” (“Eros al quadrato”), with 14 of his hits in original remastered versions and 4 previously unreleased tracks, including his duet with Ricky Martin, “Non siamo soli”. “e²” was the best-selling Italian album of 2007, certified 10x Platinum and reaching the top of the charts in several countries – including Spain, Germany, France, Austria and Sweden, where it stayed at number 1 for two months – and, in its first week in stores, was the best-selling album in Europe and the second most purchased in the world.
Among the prestigious awards he received was the NIAF Award in Hollywood, obtained for promoting and bolstering the image of Italian music across the world. Eros Ramazzotti’s talent and fame crossed all borders: the few concerts during that year took him all the way to Asia and Australia to perform live for the first time. 2008 ended with an illustrious duet: Eros sang his new track “Solo un volo” together with Ornella Vanoni.
Preceded by the single “Parla con me”, the album “Ali e Radici” featured 11 new songs and a bonus track, topping the Italian and European charts for several weeks. Another world tour followed, which brought the artist to Africa for the first time and ended with the release of the DVD + live CD “21:00 – Eros Live World Tour 2009-2010”, the last record he released with Sony.
In 2011, he received the prestigious German award “Die Goldene Kamera” on live international TV. In the same year, he signed a new recording contract with Universal Music Group.
One of the most recent successes has been the album “NOI”, released worldwide and which immediately topped the iTunes charts in 17 countries around the world, followed by a major global tour.
In 2013, Rai 2 dedicated a prime time special to Eros that retraced his entire career.
On the day of his fiftieth birthday, the new single “Io Prima Di Te” was released as a surprise, in anticipation of the release of “Noi Due”, a special edition of his album “Noi”. In the fall of 2014, his former record company Sony celebrates the thirty-year career of the Roman singer-songwriter by releasing the “Eros 30” collection. Again and again, Eros conquered the entire world with his albums “Perfetto” and “Alla fine del mondo”, released in 60 countries, followed by massive World Tours. He followed them up with the release of “Vita ce n’è” with Polydor in 100 countries around the world, certified Platinum and preceded by the single of the same name (certified Gold), which, in just over a month, established itself at the top of the world radio play charts. From the same record, he released the single “Per le strade una canzone” featuring Luis Fonsi, with which he took part in the 69th Sanremo Festival as a guest performer.

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